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Many people who are currently employed but are looking for a better position need to keep their job search confidential. Fusco understands this. We are always discreet when we contact you. In fact, all information you provide to Fusco is kept strictly confidential. We will contact you according to your direction. Our job is to help you.

There is never a fee to you. We are 100% employer paid.

To learn more about how Fusco can help you find full-time employment, please contact us.

Benefits of working with Fusco Personnel…

You may wonder how Fusco differs from other agencies. This is exactly what we like to hear, because it is so easy for us to answer. “We’re better.” We are the fourth largest employment agency in the Capital District (and growing), but we are the first in service.

Our philosophy of providing “honest and superior service to everyone who comes in contact with our organization” is something we take a great deal of pride in, and it is this that has earned us our excellent reputation.

For you, the jobseeker, Fusco is your best choice because…

We listen. We understand that the person behind the resume is more important than the resume. We make every attempt to know you. We want to find out exactly what your skills are and what you are looking for, so we will know how best to help you.

We understand. Our recruiters have diverse backgrounds and understand the industry in which you work. When meeting with our clients, we discuss their openings in depth, so we can match the right job with the right candidate.

We work for you. We understand that you, the Jobseeker, are the most important resource. Our continuing success is dependent upon satisfying not only our clients, but also you.

We are free. As mercantile as this sounds, it is also another good reason why using Fusco to help you find a job can only be a good thing. All it costs you is some time (to send us a resume and come in for an interview) to use our services.

Types of Positions Available

Temporary - employment will allow you the flexibility to work a schedule based upon your availability. Millions of Americans enjoy the freedom temporary work provides. Perhaps you have a personal schedule that you must adhere to (school, caring for someone, another job), or maybe you are not able to commit to a full-time position. These are just a few situations where temporary work may be the right choice for you.

Temporary to Hire – is an alternative to direct hire. The temp to hire process allows both you and the potential employer time to evaluate one another before a commitment is made. You will remain a Fusco employee during this time frame.

Contract – is temporary work, however, the duration is usually much longer and the majority of the projects are technical in nature or human resource related.

Permanent /Direct Hire – though hired through Fusco Personnel, Inc. you are immediately placed on the prospective clients payroll without a fee to the applicant.

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